Friday, 9 November 2012

Vegetable time

Have a look at this inventive storage for dry veg. Suspend a board across a drawer, cut a hole through to match the size of your basket a few cm below the top edge and pop it in!

It's really handy too when you start cooking, because you can just lift them out onto the bench.

Source: via Nina on Pinterest

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Basket projects

How's this for an inventive use of a basket?  

These are simply mounted to the wall as a great holder for your spare towels - a great space saving option, and stylish to boot!

This is a really easy look to achieve using the smallmedium and large unlined baskets, or even the lined baskets for an extra touch of luxury. You could even paint them to match your bathroom.

Send us pictures of your wicker projects!

A Taste of Copenhagen

Guest blogger reporting in!

Last week I spent a little time in Copenhagen and spotted some rather fabulous bicycle baskets on some very stylish bikes. 

As you might be able to see they're slightly sloped forwards - which is great if you're as talented as the Danes at balancing shopping!

But for us mere mortals there are some more realistic alternatives to add that famous Scandinavian style to our bicycling lives: Bicycle Baskets - our best selling item!